Farah Goes Bang


Origins and mission

This super-secret blog is dedicated to the hilarious, cringeworthy, awful and/or earth-moving story of sexual initiation. Our film, FARAH GOES BANG, follows three young women who go on the road in 2004 to campaign for John Kerry; the title character, Farah Mahtab, is on a mission to lose her long-lingering virginity. CHERRY BOMB was developed as a companion project to FARAH GOES BANG in order to create a community of sex-positive storytelling surrounding the film. CHERRY BOMB’s central concept is simple: we want to hear about the first time you had sex.

We know that while almost everyone has a tale to tell on this subject, it usually comes out only during whispered pillow talk, after too many glasses of wine, or maybe not at all. But we’re hoping that if we create a safe, supportive space, you’ll spill the details about the good, bad, and ugly of your first time, or of the effort to arrive at your first time. Was the experience awkward, pleasurable, or unforgettable? Did it hurt? Did you come? Was it with someone you knew intimately, or just an intimate encounter with a stranger?

While we expect many stories to be nostalgic or comic, our team is also acutely aware that many stories of sexual initiation are not happy memories. We are committed to treating all stories, including those that address non-consensual or ambiguous experiences, with the utmost care and respect. In alignment with our mission to cultivate an authentic range of virginity stories, we welcome your most painful stories as much as your most cherished ones.

Editorial policy

In keeping with the intimate nature of CHERRY BOMB’s content, we want to keep the forum itself intimate, too. These stories will only be available, by password, to those who support our mission by contributing to the blog or donating to our Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for FARAH GOES BANG. If you contribute, you’ll get secret updates from us when new stories are posted. You’ll officially be along for the road trip of our film, and you’ll have special access to content from us that we don’t release to the general public. And most importantly, you’ll be a critical part of bringing a vision into the world that centers not on desirable women, but on a woman’s desire.

Because of the sensitive nature of this subject matter, abusive language of any kind will be removed immediately, and our team reserves the right to disable an abusive user’s access to CHERRY BOMB at our own discretion. There will be no comments on the site; our policy is to convey that these are our stories, presented without commentary. The CHERRY BOMB team may not publish every submission, and we may lightly edit submissions for style. Though our blog is password-protected and we will make every reasonable effort to keep your story private within our site, in this digital age, we urge contributors to remember that nothing posted on the internet is entirely private. Submissions from contributors of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, genders, and gender identifications are equally valued.

Submission guidelines

Prospective contributors are invited to submit 300-500 words or more on how your swiped your V-card. You can identify or anonymize yourself in one of four ways (please interpret “gender” as you wish):

1. Totally anonymous (Anonymous)

2. Anonymous with gender and age (Anonymous, female, 28)

3. First name or initial with gender, age, and location (L. or Laura, female, 28, San Francisco)

4. Full name with gender, age, and location (Laura Goode, female, 28, San Francisco). If you’d like, you may also include a short (30 words or less) bio.

Also, while we hope you’ll preserve the rich, unique details of your first time in your submission, you should feel free to change identifying details to protect the lucky guy or girl who deflowered you. Send submissions or any questions to farahgoesbang@gmail.com. We’ll express our gratitude for your brave contribution by giving you the blog’s password so you can share in the proliferation of so many unique sexual encounters all in one little corner of the internet.

We honor your stories, thank you for your support, and wish you tons of great sex!


Laura Goode and Neelanjana Banerjee, Editors, CHERRY BOMB

and the FARAH GOES BANG production team:

Meera Menon, Laura Goode, Danielle Firoozi, and Liz Singh