The film opens on Farah entertaining her friend Waseem at her home after a long night out, nervous and unsure of his interest in her. The next day, Farah meets Roopa and KJ to pack and discuss their plans to canvass door-to-door for Kerry across the country to Ohio. A campaign trainer, Anoop, urges them to concentrate on states where Kerry stands a chance of winning, but Roopa, the architect of the trip, ignores his advice. Their earnest, naive campaigning encounters strong resistance in the Southwest. Texas proves more hostile, and K.J. loses her notorious temper at a racist passerby, and Farah joins in. Farah has a transformative pre-sexual experience with a squirt gun in a Missouri convenience store. The girls arrive at the Ohio Kerry/Edwards headquarters, but Farah’s frustration and dissatisfaction causes a meltdown. Much to Roopa's chagrin, K.J. lands in jail for assault, restraining her campaigning to the phone. Farah’s dissatisfaction, and her self-realization, reach a climax when she faces off with Bush supporters. We know how the election turns out--but will Farah meet her personal goal for their American odyssey?